-Do you take walk-ins? 

We do! In fact, on Saturdays we only take walk-ins. 

-Do you do piercings?

We do not. South Carolina prohibits us from obtaining a retail license, which is required for selling jewelry in order to perform piercings.

-Do you accept credit cards or PayPal/Venmo?

No we do not. We are a cash only business with an ATM located in the lobby. Your artist will provide the final cost after you agree on final sizing and design. 

-Can someone under 18 get tattooed with parental consent?  

Not in South Carolina.

-Will you tattoo my face/head/neck? 

No we will not. It is not legal to tattoo these areas in the state of South Carolina.

-Will you tattoo the sides of my fingers? 

Due to the rate in which this skin wears away/regenerates, we will not tattoo the sides of fingers. The work typically does not last very long in this area and we’d like to give you a tattoo you can keep forever.

-What is your shop minimum?

 Our shop minimum is $100. Final pricing will be provided by the artist based on size and complexity of design.

-Does it hurt?

Yes it does.